Our top 10 drips and products – the gifts that keep on giving

Can you feel it? There’s something in the air… It’s the anticipation of warm summer days on the beach and precious time with family and friends. It’s also the craziness of finding Christmas gifts, cooking enough food for an army, and remembering why you only see certain people once a year.

Yes, friends, the silly season is upon us. And if you’re feeling a little pap and in need of a boost, the IV Bar is here to help.

No naughty list here…

Santa has his Naughty or Nice List; we have a list of our top 10 drips and products that will put a smile on your dial this holiday. Go on and treat yourself!

  1. Jetfuel Drip

The Mrs Clause of all drips – it helps with almost everything from low energy, weak immune system, dull skin tone, and dehydration!

  1. Anti-inflammatory Drip

Feel the relief with this neat little multi-tasker that offers amazing immune support, relieves joint pain, combats fatigue, reduces stress and anxiety, and more.

  1. Skin Radiance Drip

Forget “Ho ho ho,” rather “Glow Glow Glow” with the drip that turns back time from the inside out. Give yourself the gift of reduced pigmentation and a youthful glow.

  1. Detox Drip

Ate too much at Christmas lunch? This drip improves your general well-being and is the kickstart to weight loss we all need after the Festive Season.

  1. Hangover & Jet Lag Recovery Cure

A holiday hangover is a b$#ch… Drip away your hangover blues with our cure that reduces fatigue, detoxes and rehydrates your body, and reduces nausea.

  1. Weight Assist Drip

You can enjoy every morsel this holiday knowing that our Weight Assist Drip will help you convert the energy to glycogen instead of fat!

  1. Biotin Drip

This drip boosts hair growth, strengthens your nails, and hydrates your skin. It also rebuilds tissue, supports thyroid function, and much more. Talk about a wish list!

  1. Glutathione Capsules

Meet nature’s strongest antioxidant and the supplement that will get you through the silly season. Among other benefits, it slows the ageing process, increases energy and endurance, improves sleep quality, and detoxifies the body.

  1. GreenSelect | BeanBlock | SlimCarb Combo Capsules

No need to wait for New Year Resolutions! Save with this slimming combo that enhances health and wellness, aiding in weight loss and fat burning.

  1. Motherkind BodyGold Collagen

Reshape and optimise your body composition with these bioactive collagen peptides, clinically proven to increase your lean body mass and decrease fat mass.

Drip and be merry

You can have it all this Festive Season; just be sure to stop by one of the IV Bar branches or shop online to get your hands on the very, very nice list.