Ah, winter. A time for ugly sweaters, dry skin, and stressing about how dry your skin looks in those ugly sweaters. Not to mention a weak immune systems, sleepless nights, and just general feelings of… meh.

Well, meh no more – you need a visit to the IV Bar! Yes, you read that correctly, we’re proposing you hit the bar. However, instead of mimosas, we’re offering something a little more hydrating – IV vitamin therapy.

Super trendy IV vitamin therapy is an immune booster, energy-upper, and beauty-fixer all-in-one. It’s a safe and effective way of combatting the many problems life throws at busy people.

Not super sold? Check out some of the amazing benefits IV vitamin therapy offers:

Stress less, shine more

“In these uncertain times…”

Ugh. With a thousand emails starting like this sitting in our inbox, it’s no wonder that people are more stressed out than ever. And stress has a spiral effect – soon you’re tossing and turning at night, feeling fatigued, and falling asleep during your morning Zoom meeting.

That’s where Jetfuel comes in, our signature drip. Containing Vitamin B12, Vitamin B Complex, Glutathione, Vitamin C, and Magnesium packed into rehydrating saline, this little powerhouse is designed to help completely refresh your system with an energy-, immune-, and mood-boosting formula.

You’ll leave the IV Bar feeling revitalised, rejuvenated and ready to take on that inbox!

Get up and glow

You know how those glamorous people in the ads for ski lodges never seem to have chapped, uneven skin, despite spending all their time outside in the cold wind? IV vitamin therapy, baby!

Well, we’re not 100% sure about that, but it would make sense. For example, our Skin Radiance Drip is specifically formulated to brighten, tighten and rehydrate dull, tired skin, leaving you with a noticeable reduction in lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation.

Think of it this way: your local IV Bar is way more cost-effective than your local surgery clinic and that skiing trip.

Health is wealth

Tis the season to get sniffles! Which, while never ideal, is now basically a recipe for social ostracisation. That’s why boosting your immune system is now more important than ever.

And when it comes to the best immune booster, you guessed it: it’s a drip. But not just any IV drip…

Jam-packed with Vitamin C, our Immune Boost drip will restore health, balance, and harmony to your weary body. The best cure is always prevention, and high dose Vitamin C, administered directly into your bloodstream, is considered nature’s strongest antiviral and antibacterial, thereby fortifying your immune system.

In short, our Immune Boost infusion is like the Ferrari of drips; by which we mean it’s fast, sexy and guaranteed to rev your engine!

So, if you’re looking for the best stress-relievers, skin renewal therapies and immune boosters in South Africa – you can find it at the IV Bar! Our drips are safe, sterile, and medically-approved to aid you in living your best life. Give us a ring or book online today – your body will thank you!

Drips are administered by registered nurses. All our nurses wear full PPE.