We’re sure there’s a loyalty programme of some sort for just about every retailer or service provider – whether it’s points-based, spend-based, or works according to some mystical formula blended with obstacle courses that nobody actually knows how to find, let alone navigate.

The concept of a loyalty programme in its current format goes as far back as 18th century America, when retailers gave copper tokens to their customers when purchases were made, which could be exchanged for products when they came back to the shop again.

This evolved into stamps and tokens that had less monetary value, but that still encouraged customers to keep on coming back to make more purchases – an early gamification of retail, perhaps.

With every brand wanting to seem like they were giving back the most to their loyal customers, but actually wanting to pay across as little as possible, loyalty programmes have become increasingly complex and difficult to understand. Many also change their earn rates and rewards every year, so it’s a constant battle to figure out what you actually have to do, to really be rewarded for your loyalty.

At The IV Bar, we like to keep things simple.

We love building relationships with our clients who keep coming back to us, because they can see and feel the difference our drips make in their lives.

We value this loyalty so much – and we couldn’t have built The IV Bar into a national brand without it.

That’s why we have a loyalty programme, and that’s why we’ve kept it simple: We give you cash back when you spend with us.

Chat to our friendly teams at any of our IV Bars across the country for more information about our loyalty programme, and how you can make it work for you!

Ps: you can use your loyalty points at any IV Bar 😊