As the days get shorter and our tans start to fade, many of us might also notice a drop in our mood, energy levels, and concentration. It seems that as soon as Summer goes, so does our motivation.

It might seem natural that your energy drops along with the temperature – after all, who wants to go jogging in freezing winds when your blanket and Netflix are waiting? However, studies seem to indicate that there might be a more serious cause at hand, namely Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

SAD is caused by reduced exposure to sunlight during the winter months leading to a drop in serotonin, your brain’s happy hormone. This drop can result in fatigue, low energy, and… well, sadness.

But don’t get too down about feeling down. The IV Bar has a solution to beat those Winter blues, and as always, it comes in a handy drip form!

Get a jet start on happiness

Of course, the natural solution to SAD is to get more light exposure and exercise. But even in sunny South Africa, that’s easier said than done when Winter comes along. Plus, when you’re already feeling sluggish and sad, the last thing you want is to go out and do jumping jacks in the cold.

That’s why we’re big fans of visiting The IV Bar and getting a drip start to a better mood! And, although you can’t go wrong with any of our spectacular drips, our classic Jetfuel drip is sure to help you dump the slump and put some pep back into your step.

Our signature drip, Jetfuel, is a powerhouse packed with vitamin B12, vitamin B Complex, magnesium, vitamin C, glutathione, and electrolytes. Not only will it help banish the effects of SAD, but you’ll also notice improvements in your physical performance and skin tone, while the hydrating and detoxing effects will help you glow from the inside out.

Beautiful skin, good moods, and renewed vigour and verve in as little as 15 minutes? Now there’s truly nothing to be SAD about!

Drop the blues with a drip

Want to drip away the SADness? Drop by for a fuel-up at the IV Bar! Our drips are safe and medically approved to give you a much-needed boost. Give us a ring or book online today – your body and mind will thank you!

Drips are administered by registered nurses.