Say buh-bye to these ailments and more, with The IV Bar’s fantastic drips.

Stress, anxiety, fatigue, sleep issues, inflammation, joint pain, bad skin, dull hair, brittle sucky nails — not exactly the life you dreamed of, is it? But with hectic schedules and demands, these ailments inevitably creep into our lives, wreaking havoc. Thankfully, you don’t have to accept the status quo with The IV Bar on your side!

Our range of customised intravenous vitamin drips has been specifically formulated to optimise and boost everything from your energy levels to general well-being. So, repeat after us: “The IV Bar’s got a drip for that…The IV Bar’s got a drip for that!”

Here are five of our top drips for those pesky ailments stopping you from living your dream life!

Flying high with the Jetfuel Drip

It’s tough to fight stress and anxiety when you have, like, no energy… With The IV Bar’s Jetfuel Drip, you will feel more relaxed and have heaps of energy to spare to get things done!

Jetfuel gives you: A boost to your energy levels, immune system, and mood, which, of course, helps stress and anxiety fade into oblivion. This power drip also detoxes and hydrates your body from within!

Brain boost with our Trace Elements Drip

Not-so-fun Fact: Your body (and your brain) desperately needs some trace nutrients that it cannot produce on its own.

Fun Fact: With the IV Bar’s Trace Elements Drip, you can fight trace mineral deficiency and experience amazing benefits. Now you can wave to chronic fatigue, a weak immune system, and brain fog as you zoom past them.

Trace Elements gives you: Improved neurological function, reduced fatigue and exhaustion, and better digestion.

No pain is a gain with the Anti-inflammatory Drip

Usually, multi-taskers don’t get much done, but not The IV Bar’s Anti-inflammatory Drip… oh, no! This little gem of a drip uses Vitamin B12, Vitamin B Complex, Magnesium Sulphate, Glutathione, and a high dose of Vitamin C to get rid of the aches and pains holding you back.

Anti-inflammatory gives you: Joint pain relief, improved circulation and louder for those in the back — no more inflammation!

Glow up with our Biotin Drip

Do you want to look in the mirror each morning and say, “Yass!” instead of “Oy vey”? Then we present to you our Biotin Drip. We’ll let the benefits do the talking…

Biotin gives you: A youthful glow, smooth and hydrated skin, glorious hair and nails, and so. much. more. How much more, you ask? Well, think thyroid function support, lower cholesterol, stabilised blood sugar, and a Speedy Gonzales metabolism.

Time to detox with Glutathione?

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant made by our incredible bodies. But alas, after 20, we make less Glutathione, so infections, fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, and joint and muscle pains run amok. But remember, The IV Bar has a drip (and some capsules) for that!

Glutathione gives you: Healthy skin, more energy and endurance, enhanced brain activity, a detoxified body, and a robust immune system. It’s a pretty incredible, life-sustaining antioxidant!

Find the drip for ‘this’ and ‘that’

No matter what ails you, The IV Bar has a drip for that. Book your appointment today or pop by one of our branches to get the life you have always dreamed of. We’ll see you soon!

Drips are administered by registered nurses.