If you’re caught between wanting to invest in some greatly deserved self-care, but you’re also so keen to spend time with someone special, setting time aside to visit a vitamin drip lounge together is a great way to tick all of the boxes.

Whether the drip date is with your Valentine, a friend who’s also looking for an energy boost or a way to deal with stress, or with a sports team mate also wanting to boost recovery after a big game, spending time together will multiply the already significant benefits of a professionally administered drip. These include:

  • Couples living hectic lives between work, parenting, and other commitments often struggle to find time alone together to connect, just as the struggle to find time to invest in their own health and wellbeing. Make a drip appointment together, and spend the time reconnecting while you reduce the effects of stress and anxiety together.
  • Time together with a friend helps with stress relief – you can talk about issues that are worrying you with someone you trust to help give insights into how to address complex situations.
  • It’s true – laughter really is one of the best medicines, and spending time with someone who makes you laugh, while your drip infuses, is sure to have a multiplying effect!
  • Research has shown that time spent with people you love improves your physical and mental health – just as dripping helps improve hydration, boosts immunity, and improves your cognitive function.
  • Similarly, research has shown that people who spend lots of time on social media feel isolated, which is in turn bad for your health – so it really is better for your health to chat to a friend while you’re having your drip than it is to scroll through your phone.
  • Spending time dripping with a team mate is a great way to get to know them outside the game you play together. It’s also a great networking opportunity – chatting about your lives outside your sport may reveal other ways you can connect, socially or in a work context.
  • If you’re working on your health and have an accountability buddy, chatting over your progress while investing in your wellbeing with a vitamin drip session is a great motivator – particularly if a weight loss drip is part of your programme.