The seasons are changing, with a chill in the morning air already adding a bit of bite to the start of your day. It’s time to start boosting your immune system ahead of  the onslaught of the regular winter illnesses, and any other opportunistic viruses that may be going around.

An immune-boosting vitamin drip, with its high dose of vitamin C, is a great way to boost your immunity as autumn rolls in because:

  • Vitamin C helps prevent sniffles, sore throats and other symptoms commonly associated with colds and flu
  • It’s anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal, helping your body fight against infections and other illnesses
  • It increases your energy levels and reduces stress
  • Vitamin C stimulates healthy skin rejuvenation, and promotes collagen formation
  • It improves circulation and slows aging
  • It helps your body absorb minerals more effectively
  • It reduces inflammation

Remember: boosting your immunity with an Immune Boost drip isn’t just about protecting your own health and wellbeing – keeping yourself healthy and virus-free means that you’re also protecting your loved ones whose immunity might be compromised, such as babies and the elderly.

Winter flu bugs and viruses are particularly dangerous for these age groups, so you could even turn your drip session into some quality quiet time together, by bringing your elderly parent with you for their own Immune Boost!

Get your high dose Vitamin C Drip for just R685. Book online at or just pop in to one of our branches across Gauteng and Bloemfontein, and soon to be Cape Town!