Whether you’re too tired, sick, hungover or swamped at work; there’s no worry. WE’LL COME TO YOU.

Drip in the comfort and convenience of your home, office or hotel with The Mobile IV Bar. Boost your health, wellness, beauty and sports performance in as little as 15 minutes. 100% SAFE. 100% ABSORPTION.

All drips are medically approved and administered by experienced medical professionals.

We offer a full range of vitamin drips with our mobile service. Our regular drip prices apply, as well as a call out fee which is area dependent. Credit card facilities are available.

  • Business people who are too busy to leave the work place.
  • A sick person feeling too ill to leave home.
  • Too hangover to get up and about.
  • Suffering from a migraine with the curtains drawn and your head buried under a pillow.
  • Trained too hard on leg day and can’t stand
  • No-one to look after the kids so you can’t leave the house.
  • The morning after a company staff function where productivity is at an all-time low.
  • Elderly people who don’t feel comfortable coming to a centre.
  • People just wanting the convenience of us coming to them.
  • So really…anyone and everyone.

We also drip at corporate wellness days, company functions, parties, sporting events and concerts.

To book your mobile drip, click on the below link and contact the store closest to you that offers mobile dripping.