Just like with your physical health, we believe you constantly have to monitor and work on your mental health. And just like your physical health, we believe that the path toward a healthy mental and emotional state relies on a holistic approach.

We can only share from personal experience that speaking up and expressing how you feel is a really powerful starting point. The adage of “big boys don’t cry” has only enhanced the idea that we all have to put up a tough front when we are struggling with our thoughts and emotions.

More and more, we are starting to understand that it takes strength to speak up and say how you feel, instead of viewing this kind of expression as soft or weak. It rarely serves anyone to bottle up their thoughts and feelings, because emotion is energy in motion; and that energy has to go somewhere.

Added to this, we desperately need to tackle the idea that someone has to hit ‘rock bottom’ in order to receive mental health support.

It makes no sense to wait for every bone in a person’s body to break before you treat their broken arm. So a person shouldn’t wait to have a complete mental breakdown before they attend to their mental health.

We believe that there is no silver bullet to attaining a healthy mental state, but rather there are a set of common denominator practices that we can use to keep our mental health in check.

We will be sharing the practices that work best for us in the upcoming months, but the starting point is realising how important mental health is, and that it’s so important to work on your mental health at every turn. But most importantly, it all starts with a simple expression of where you’re at and how you feel in the moment.

Don’t wait until everything falls apart and don’t be scared to share your thoughts with the world. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how good it feels to get all your feelings out in the open. And when you do, you will see how many other people feel the same!

More than anything, we hope this short post has given you “healthy food for thought”. We just want to see everyone thrive! Here’s to you all having the most productive week, and feeling your best at every turn!