Meet the three aminos who are going to help you kick fat to the curb!

The high-quality blend of Glutamine, Arginine, and Carnitine in our Weight Assist Drip offers you multiple benefits on your weight loss journey.

As you shake up your lifestyle and implement a proper diet and exercise regimen, this powerhouse drip is a helping hand for you to drop that excess weight while improving muscle mass and getting rid of unbalanced body fat.

Why should you try the Weight Assist Drip?

  1. Energy for days
    Thanks to the Glutamine that makes energy more accessible for your body to use immediately. The Carnitine also helps your body convert fat into energy by stimulating mitochondrial activity!
  2. Less daydreaming about that siesta
    Arginine is the handy little amino acid that increases blood flow in your body, so you’ll be less tired and perform better.
  3. A speedy metabolism to burn more calories
    All three of the aminos work together to ensure you have a healthy, stimulated metabolism.
  4. An au natural release of growth hormone and nitric oxide
    Basically, just fancy words to say you’ll have better circulation and metabolism.
  5. Slow ageing
    The drip increases your blood and oxidation levels to ensure a glowing, youthful you.
  6. Marvellous muscles
    Your muscles are growing through exercise and our amino acids help ensure you get to that healthy muscle mass for a healthy metabolism. And thanks to this drip, your muscle recovery time will be top notch.

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