Introducing Drip by Design with The IV Bar and DNAlysis

Are you feeling exhausted almost all of the time? Is your brain feeling foggy? It must be a lack of vitamin B12, right? Maybe if you just get our Jetfuel Drip, you’ll be good to go.

Here’s the thing though… how can you really know…

  • Which chronic diseases and illnesses you may be predisposed to;
  • Which nutrients or supplements are best for you, and which ones should you avoid;
  • Which exercise methods are most effective for you;
  • What diet works best for your weight management goals; and
  • Which IV drips will help you achieve your optimal health goal?

The short answer is you can’t. Not unless you have the data to back it up. The good news is that all the data you need to guide your lifestyle and achieve your optimal health is already within you! It’s a little thing called DNA…

The power of your DNA

You’re born with your DNA. Nothing you can do about that! But… you can do something about the health decisions you make and the wellness interventions you use.

Your genetic data can lead to treatments and therapies crafted specifically for you. This is the future of personalised medicine. Studies have also shown that variations in certain genes can influence your health, diet, and exercise outcomes.

We believe a personalised approach to your health is the way to go. Your DNA makeup is unique and, therefore, so are your health requirements. When you test your DNA, you gain access to a treasure trove of information that can transform your approach to health and wellness. And when you apply the right interventions, you can enhance your overall well-being, improve your cognitive function, counteract fatigue, facilitate weight management, and so much more.

Why Drip by Design?

Nobody’s got time for the trial-and-error approach to achieve optimal health! You need to know what the most effective paths and interventions are, whether that’s medical, lifestyle choices, or simple diet changes.

Our mission at The IV Bar is to empower you to make informed decisions about your health. And so, we’ve partnered with DNAlysis to ensure you can enjoy personalised wellness and optimise four key areas of your well-being, all based on your unique DNA makeup.

And because your DNA doesn’t change, once you know what is best for you and your health, you can use that wisdom for the rest of your life! Thanks to the DNACore wellness test, you get a detailed report that decodes your specific health and well-being needs.

The amazing thing is, once you know what the right thing is for your mind and body, you can, quite literally, drip by design, and harness the power of your genomes!

If you want personalised insights into your health, embrace healthier choices and a better lifestyle, and decrease the risk of chronic disease, this is for you! All you have to do is shop and test:

  1. Shop: Start your Drip by Design journey by shopping at your nearest IV Bar branch or online.
  2. Test: Collect your DNA sample with a simple pinprick. Our registered nurses can assist you with this in-store or you can prick at home.

We take it from here and ship your sample off to the DNAlysis lab. There will be some science stuff done and, voila, you get your results within 21 days! Now, don’t stress about how you’re going to figure out the comprehensive report… Our DNA specialist (functional nutritionist) will set up a virtual consultation with you and dive into your DNA story which will guide your nutrition and drip choices going forward.

Unlock your genetic wellness blueprint

Are you ready to unlock your genetic code and, ultimately, your path to wellness? Then let your DNA guide you to your nearest IV Bar branch so you can start Dripping by Design! You can also head over to our website for more info on your journey to personalised wellness.

Drips are administered by registered nurses.