Stressed? Anxious? Probably fatigued and sluggish too? Generally not feeling your best self? Read on.

As the last festive decorations get taken down and the holidays fade into distant memory, now is the time of year when our once earnest resolutions start to crumble.

And let’s face it – that decadent chocolate croissant and double flat white sound way more appetizing than a salad with sparkling water. And your ultra-marathon training? Hmm, what about a Netflix marathon instead?!

Look, it’s perfectly understandable. We’ve all just escaped the horror of 2020, and we certainly deserved our downtime.

And although it can be tempting to beat the slump with another slice of cake or a TV binge, we’ve learned that life is there to be celebrated and appreciated. And that’s unlikely to happen on your couch!

But where do we even begin? The truth is, we could all use a little booster to get us back on track and ready to take on the world. Now, imagine you could get a booster that has an all-over positive effect on your mind, body, and health…

If you are imagining some fancy-schmancy, new-age treatment cooked up in a lab, guess again! We’re talking about the naturally-occurring, miracle mineral – magnesium!


Max out with magnesium

So, how do you know if you’re not getting enough magnesium?

Short answer: your body will let you know.

Although it’s the fourth most abundant mineral in the body, most people are not getting enough magnesium – yes, even those who are generally healthy! The reasons for this range from modern farming methods, resulting in nutrient-poor produce, to not eating diversely enough. And with all you’ve got going on, who can blame you!?

Whatever the reason for the lack of magnesium in the body, it’s bad news. This powerhouse mineral has an effect on every cell in your body! Its functions include converting food into energy more efficiently, forming new proteins, creating and repairing DNA strands, and even preventing muscle cramps and controlling blood glucose. Phew, it’s almost as busy as you are!

So, if you’re feeling exhausted, distracted, stressed or low on energy – it may be time for a magnesium booster.

Go from drab to drip

As always, The IV Bar has just the drip to keep you in tip-top shape! In fact, most of our drips contain some of this magical mineral. Our amazing Anti-inflammatory drip is the most magnesium-rich with it’s high dose Vitamin C partner. So, you can expect it to act as a powerful mood, muscle, and circulation enhancer administered quickly, conveniently, and effectively. No matter which drip you choose, you can be assured of a safe, all-over boost to your brain and body.

Want to try the miracle of magnesium for yourself? Drop by for a drip at The IV Bar!

Give us a ring or book online today – the new, improved you is just a drip away!

All drips are medically approved and administered by registered nurses. All our nurses wear full PPE.