In a world of fake news, sometimes it’s tricky to find the truth. We’ve heard some pretty strange things about IV vitamin therapy in our time, so we’ve taken some of the myths doing the rounds and busted them below.

Myth: IV vitamin therapy is expensive and just for the celebs

Busted: Some IV vitamin places are unnecessarily pricey, but at The IV Bar, we’re focused on affordability so that as many people as possible can benefit. 

Myth: Drip therapy is dangerous

Busted: As with anything to do with your body, if a sterile vitamin drip of medically approved vitamins is administered properly by a registered nurse, the procedure is completely safe.

Myth: IV drip therapy is risky

Busted: Intravenous vitamin drip therapy is completely safe, if done at a reputable IV Bar, using sterile pre-compounded vitamins.

Myth: Doctors don’t think that vitamin drip therapy is necessary

Busted: Many doctors are suggesting that their patients come to us for IV vitamin treatment – and many of them are coming to us for treatment too!

Myth: ‘Putting up’ a drip is easy, anyone can do it.

Busted: This is most definitely not true. Only medically qualified professionals such as nurses or doctors can set up a drip for you.  

Myth: You’ll only get the full benefit of an IV vitamin treatment if you do it weekly

Busted: Everybody’s different, and treatments vary, but most people will enjoy the benefit of IV vitamin therapy for two to four weeks, or longer, depending on their lifestyle.

Myth: You don’t need vitamin drip therapy if you eat properly and take vitamin tablets

Busted: Life is way more stressful than it used to be, meaning that we need boosts of vitamins and minerals to cope and stay healthy. What’s more, so many fruits and vegetables are treated with radiation, hormones or additives, impacting on their nutrient value. Oral or injectable vitamins aren’t absorbed fully into your system, meaning that you don’t get the full benefit that’s promised on the bottle.

Myth: Having an IV vitamin drip is very sore

Busted: You’ll feel a small prick as the drip needle goes in, and a tiny tweak as it comes out, but the rest of the process is completely pain free.

Myth: Good IV vitamin places administer drips that include all the vitamins, even Vitamins A, E and K

Busted: Some vitamins – like Vitamins A, E and K, cannot be administered intravenously as they can be very toxic. Professional IV vitamin lounges, like The IV Bar, only administer safe, water-soluble vitamins that have been carefully formulated in sterile laboratories.

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