We’re celebrating the heart of healthcare – Our incredible nurses!

“Save one life, you’re a hero. Save a hundred lives, you’re a nurse.” Unknown

On the 12th of May every year, the International Council of Nurses hosts International Nurses Day. The day marks the anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale. “The lady with the lamp” made significant contributions to the nursing profession, and we still see its fruit today.

Medical professionals, including nurses, see the worst in people and life, yet they look past that to care for, serve, and help people in need. They deal with trauma every day, are overworked and have almost no work-life balance.

In honour of International Nurses Day, we’re sharing what incredible professionals nurses are, what it takes to be a nurse in South Africa, and more about the IV Bar’s fantastic nurses.

The four levels of nursing care

Worldwide, nursing is an essential occupation, and most countries desperately need more nurses. But what does it take to be a nurse in SA?

There are four levels of nursing care in SA:

  1. Healthcare worker (6 months of study)
    These workers do basic healthcare work like looking after the elderly or sick at home, changing bedpans in hospitals etc.
  2. Auxiliary/Assistant nurse (1 year of study)
    Slightly more advanced nursing, including tasks such as basic patient care and hygiene and comfort promotion.
  3. Staff nurse/Enrolled nurse (2 years of study)
    Responsible for direct/indirect patient care and can work under the supervision of a registered nurse.
  4. Registered nurse/General nurse (4 years of full-time study and practical work at hospitals)
    A large scope of practice, including providing and coordinating patient care, advising and supporting patients, and educating people about health conditions. They can also work independently of medical doctors.

Get to know the IV Bar nurses

Our drips are administered by registered nurses. Most of them have many years of experience in hospital ICU and casualty wards, managing medical emergencies, and inserting intravenous lines.

However, these environments can be demanding, erratic, and drain professionals mentally, physically, and emotionally. The IV Bar nurses chose to shift direction for a better lifestyle with easier work hours and a more serene and peaceful work environment.

Their experience is unrivalled, and we’re privileged to have nurses who help ensure our clients receive safe and medically approved drips. If you need a boost, get in touch today.