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What You Already Know About Your Gut

It’s hardly news that our gastrointestinal tract is important for our gut health. We know that it transports food from our mouth to our stomach, converts it into nutrients we can absorb, and then shuttles the waste out of our body. Quite simply, without it we die.

But Recent Science Says There’s More To It 

Scientists have recently uncovered that our GI System has an even bigger function than what we already knew. In fact, they now link it to so many more health factors that have nothing to do with digestion. Think: immune system, emotional stress, fatigue, inflammation, cancer, and diabetes type 2.

We now know that the trillions of bacteria in our GI tract not only help us process food but they also help our bodies to maintain overall wellbeing. Heard the current buzzword ‘microbiome?’ – it’s the makeup of bacteria and other microorganisms in our stomach and intestines, aka our gut. And it’s been proven that the healthier we are, the greater and the more diverse the number of organisms are found in it. While unhealthier people have a less diverse array with more bacteria and even sometimes fungi in their microbiome.

Not All Bacteria Are Created Equal

Your gut optimises at its best when it’s in balance. For example, some bacteria fight inflammation, while others promote it. When your gut is working as it should, these two types are keeping each other at bay. However, when one gets skewed, inflammatory bacteria could take over and pass through your gut lining and into other parts of your body through your bloodstream – Without getting too ‘sciencey’, this applies to a whole lot of conditions.

How Can You Keep Your Gut Health In Check?

You guessed it, the food you eat plays a major role in the diversity of your microbiome. But so do quite a number of other factors. The environment you grow up in counts too and so can medication. But we can all strengthen our gut health by living a healthy, balanced lifestyle – eat nutritious foods, exercise regularly and avoid overdoing it with things like alcohol and smoking.

Our Anti-inflammatory Intravenous Drip Therapy at The IV Bar is also a great way to give your microbiome a little extra TLC.

Vitamin B12, Vitamin B Complex, Magnesium Sulphate, Glutathione and a high dose of Vitamin C all work together to give your gut the goodness it needs to function effectively. Add our new Glutamine drip, which is specifically aimed at gut Health, and you have a winning combination.

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