You’re wearing your double-layered mask, armed to the teeth with wet wipes, and should anyone dare get closer than two metres, so help you, they’re getting sprayed with extra-strength sanitiser! Yep, in this global pandemic fight against the Coronavirus, you’re basically a superhero.

But let’s face it… that was true even before COVID-19 swept through our nation – what with juggling work, family life, exercise, socialising, and trying to squeeze in some good old-fashioned downtime.

Now, of course, all that is a million times more difficult to manage. Plus, you need to think about how to protect yourself and your family from infection, or should you catch it, from fighting off the virus as quickly and safely as possible.

A year in, and it can all feel more than a little overwhelming. How do the caped crusaders not faint from exhaustion?

Here’s the secret: they have sidekicks! Hey, some even have butlers to take care of the cooking and cleaning (looking at you, Batman).

With that in mind, why not amp up your powers with a little sidekick? A boost from within. Your own body produces the amazing antioxidant we’re talking about – so, you will basically be getting more of your own superpowers!

Gear up with Glutathione

Introducing Glutathione: a powerful, beneficial antioxidant produced in your liver and by neurons in your central nervous system. Involved in everything from tissue building, repair to protein production and immune strengthening, it’s the body’s multi-tasker. A role to which we’re sure you can relate!

But despite naturally occurring in your body, many people suffer from Glutathione deficiency. This lack comes with a laundry list of truly awful symptoms, including accelerated ageing and a higher risk of diabetes, and heart, lung, and liver diseases. Scariest of all? Glutathione deficiency may exacerbate COVID-19 infection.

At healthy levels, however, Glutathione can be massively beneficial in fighting off infection. It works by ridding and protecting your cells from free radicals and other harmful toxins, thereby increasing your blood flow and energy – and boosting your immunity!

Take a drip to Glutathione town

Keeping your Glutathione levels healthy can not only do wonders for your body and immunity but can also be a powerful ally in the fight against viral infections such as COVID-19. The fastest and most effective way to get your levels up is via IV therapy, which is the only process that guarantees 100% absorption of nutrients into your body.

The IV Bar has a range of drips that contain Glutathione – meaning you get a pure, powerful immune-booster administered quickly, conveniently, and effectively. What’s more, you can enjoy the added effects of this little miracle worker – think stress relief, decongestion, and improved general well-being.

Ready to fight on? Drop by for a drip at The IV Bar!

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All drips are medically approved administered by registered nurses. Our nurses wear full PPE.