It’s a sad, sad reality: summer bodies really are made in winter. And yet, cold weather pairs so well with comfort food on the couch!

And even if you do make it to the gym, your body might not thank you. Our muscles work much harder in the cold, often resulting in increased strain and soreness. Add a sluggish metabolism and a lack of energy, and you’ve got a recipe for a very unhappy winter indeed.

Thankfully, there’s a little helper naturally produced by your body – Glutamine. If you’re going “Gluta-who?”, you might be surprised to hear that this metabolism-boosting, muscle-building mega-star is the most abundant amino acid in your body!

However, sometimes your body’s need for Glutamine is greater than its ability to produce it – especially during times when you’re stressed out, burnt out, or just plain out. We all need a helping hand now and again – that’s why we have vitamin drips.

The wonders of Glutamine

The new Glutamine Drip at The IV Bar may just be the helping hand your body needs. What else can contribute to increased energy levels, fighting fatigue, regulating your gut, and assist your muscle recovery, in only 15 minutes?

Glutamine works by assisting your intestinal microvilli in absorbing nutrients. This helps boost your human growth hormone levels, improves your muscle-building potential, and reduces muscle breakdown. Meaning you can enjoy your favourite foods and activities the whole winter long – no downtime needed.

What are you waiting for?

Drop by The IV Bar for a Glutamine drip. For just R250 as a standalone drip, or R200 when added to any of our other vitamin drips, it won’t break the bank. Our drips are safe and medically approved to give your gut and muscles a much-needed break. Give us a ring or book online today – your body and mind will thank you!

Drips are administered by registered nurses.