You’ve chosen an IV drip treatment to help boost your immunity, recover from sports activities, deal with a hangover, or even to brighten your skin tone, and much as the drips can yield instant results, there are a few things you can do to help make them even more effective:

  • Have a protein-rich snack before you come for your IV drip treatment. There are seldom any side-effects to dripping, but a protein-based snack can help prevent the light nausea that some clients may experience.
  • Hydrate! Even if you’re coming for a treatment to help with rehydration, drinking liquids beforehand will help make your veins more visible for the nurse who will be inserting the drip. Your body is also more responsive to the vitamins and minerals in a drip of you are hydrated before the treatment.
  • Having a drip isn’t like going to the gym – there’s no need for a special outfit. Wear any comfy clothes, that you feel relaxed in, unless you’re fitting a drip into your busy day and are in your work clothes. It also helps the nurses if you wear short sleeves, or a shirt or top that’s easy to roll the sleeves up for inserting the drip.
  • If you’re not bringing a friend along for your drip, remember to bring a book to read or some music or podcasts to listen to while your drip is infusing. Drips can take as little as 20 minutes or as long as an hour, making them the perfect time to catch up on content you don’t usually have time for. Bonus? Using the time to do something you enjoy could boost the benefits of the treatment.