The last 18 months have been tough on everyone but the pandemic has placed a particular spotlight on our everyday health, and the things we can do to be at our fighting best.
The IV Bar team has equally been thinking a lot about the concept of health optimisation over the last few months. We really want to see people thrive so we’d like to share a few ideas on the matter with you that hopefully helps you in some way!
It’s not that the information below is new, but we often forget to execute the basics, and before we know it, we’ve all fallen off the wagon:
  • We know life is busy, but it’s absolutely key to have some kind of strategy around health optimisation. If you don’t have anything to aim at then how do you know if you’ve achieved your goal?
  • There is no silver bullet to health optimisation. The key is to incorporate a holistic approach that is sustainable for you to repeat on a daily basis.
  • Consistency is everything. Your daily habits impact every facet of your life. Better habits lead to better outcomes. You effectively become who you practice to be each day.
  • The mindset you have impacts your habits which means taking the time to introspect how you speak to yourself, and also investing in your mental health is key to being able to sustain the good habits that lead to health optimisation.
  • That said, we are often so hard on ourselves when we do make a mistake and fall out of routine. A more forgiving way to think about your temporary slip-up is: “It’s ok, just don’t do it two days in a row.”
  • Last but not least, if you haven’t really been looking after your health the way you’d like to, it’s so important to remember that it’s never too late to start today. You don’t have to wait for 1 January to improve your health, and you really are two consistent weeks away from feeling better than you do today.
More than anything, we hope this short post has given you “healthy food for thought”. We just want to see everyone thrive! Here’s to you all having the most productive week, and feeling your best at every turn!