Summer is around the corner, and things are looking hot! Can you say the same about your body, mind, and general well-being?

Don’t worry if the answer is no. This year has been rough on all of us, especially if you were already juggling a career, family, and a demanding lifestyle. Unfortunately, all that anxiety and sleeplessness build up toxins in the body, leaving you lethargic, bloated, and feeling far from your best self.

So, what to do? Drip into something more comfortable, darling! That’s right, once again The IV Bar has a custom drip designed to help you look and feel ready for your best Summer ever.

Glow up with Glutathione

Gluta-what now? Glutathione is an antioxidant and anti-toxin naturally produced by your cells, and it’s about to become your new best friend. It not only helps to regenerate cells broken down by age and other factors, but also supports your immune function, replenishes skin clearing vitamins C and E, and can even help you kick start your weight loss process. In short, Glutathione detoxifies from within, allowing your body and mind to function more efficiently.

However, stress, unhealthy eating, illness and ageing can cause a decline in this beauty-boosting antioxidant – so if you’re feeling a bit rundown, it may be time to get it from other sources.

Oh, and have we mentioned that our super-hot Detox drip is comprised of 100% gorgeous glutathione? That means it’s filled to the brim with just pure antioxidant and anti-toxin goodness – refueling you with energy and general well-being.

Lose the lockdown load

If your lockdown was more like a snackdown and you’re feeling on the lowdown, have no fear – the Detox drip is here, and ready to help you go from drab to fab. As mentioned, Glutathione is known to detox the body, helping you lose those excess kilos and have more energy to exercise with vigor – and with our Detox drip, the process is safe and easy.

Health is wealth

You simply cannot be sexy with a sniffle and a bright red nose. That’s another great thing about the Detox drip – it is known to fortify your immune system, helps to fight off infections, and clears any excess mucus and congestion. And its anti-aging quality leaves your skin clear and positively glowing with good health.

Fancy a Detox? Drop by for a drip at The IV Bar! Give us a ring or book online today – your Summer self is just a drip away!

All drips are medically approved and administered by registered nurses. All our nurses wear full PPE.