Are you one of the millions of people worldwide struggling with skin conditions, including dry skin? Maybe you’re finding it hard to pinpoint the causes of skin itching? Did you know that a skin problem is usually indicative of how your body is working internally? For example, stress and fatigue can cause fine lines, wrinkles, saggy skin, eczema, and a dull complexion.

Additionally, dehydration can lead to dry skin, digestive issues can lead to acne, and a weakened immune system and Vitamin B7 (Biotin) deficiency can cause other skin diseases, low energy levels, and even hair loss. External factors can also steal our skin’s glow, including pollution and environmental elements, as well as the products we use on our skin.

If you struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle between all the other pressures of life, your skin problems could be exacerbated, but it is not all dire. The IV Bar has your back (and your skin) covered.

IV Drip for skin

Getting an IV drip from The IV Bar should be a top priority. Our drips make a real difference to your immune system, internal health, and ultimately the skin conditions you may be struggling with.

The drip options we offer include the best vitamins for skin and immune system boosts, including, but not limited to, our:

  • Biotin Drip with Vitamin B7 (Biotin) to improve skin hydration and appearance, and energy and mood
  • Glutamine Drip to promote gut health and nutrient absorption (also leading to glowing, healthy skin)
  • Immune Boost Drip, packed with Vitamin C, nature’s strongest antiviral with anti-bacterial properties, for your immune system
  • Skin Radiance Drip (with Glutathione and Vitamin C) to reduce marked pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles for a youthful glow, and
  • Rehydration Drip because a hydrated body is essential for skin and wellbeing.

Refreshing benefits from an IV drip

Need more reasons to visit The IV Bar? Some of our top reasons for dripping include the effectiveness of intravenous delivery, the immediate absorption of essential nutrients, the changes we feel to our general wellbeing, and the targeted treatment options from skin conditions, a weak immune system to jet lag and weight loss.

Our drips are safe and medically approved to give you that boost you need. Book online today – you will not regret it!

*Drips are administered by experienced registered nurses.