Regardless of whether you’ve been able to adapt your working day to be at home, or whether you’re at the office under unusual conditions, the human race as a whole is enduring one of the most stressful times in living memory.

And even though you may feel safe at home, or you’re comfortable with the sanitisation precautions in your workplace, our bodies are enduring an ongoing stress response, even though we think we’re unaware of it.

Our fight of flight response, that’s behind the huge rush of cortisol surging around our systems, is accumulating each day, as we encounter a range of situations that cause new stress that would have been normal on any other day.

Instead of noticing what other people wear, for example, we’re checking whether they’re wearing their mask correctly. Instead of holding onto a balustrade to go up or down stairs safely, now we’re too scared to touch it – even if we may fall.

This accumulation of new and excess stress is known as an allostatic load, and it’s the reason that so many of us are struggling with brain fog, lack of energy, and anxiety, because our brains really are working overtime to process everything that’s happening around us.

Regardless of how well we are eating and how much sleep we are getting, our bodies need help to manage our innate stress response, and the Vitamin B range is the best solution for this. They’re natural mood boosters, and are important for your nervous system and cell metabolism, as well as helping your body make red blood cells, and converting your food into energy.

However – they’re water soluble, so they don’t stay in your system for very long if they’re not used. One of the best ways to boost your Vitamin B levels is to have a Jetfuel or Energy Boost drip at The IV Bar. Intravenous vitamin therapy guarantees 100% of vitamins are absorbed into the bloodstream, resulting in a higher dose of the B’s being utilized for longer periods of time in the body. These drips offer boosts of Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B Complex, giving you an instant dose of the vitamins you need to bring your overworked stress response under control, clearing your brain fog, and getting you back on track to being able to be the best you that you possibly can be – regardless of what’s happening around you.

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